Are you looking for something that will look beautiful in your home but tell a story all its own?

SJL Ceramics offers designers and collectors a unique way to decorate their spaces.

Authentic pottery made with traditional methods

Each piece is handcrafted to bring out the uniqueness
of the raw clay and every piece is unique,
hand made with care, love and attention.

Each piece of Clay has its own mind and spirit

Feel at home: the smell, the warmth, and all the different designs and glaze ideas. Clay has this life to it that makes it so special and unique.

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I’ve been making art all my life, but my fascination with clay started when I was about 10 years old. My family went to Rye, where there’s a very established pottery that’s been going on for 370 years. I bought my first cup from there—an hourglass shape with a leaf design painted on the front—and I’ve been in love with clay ever since.

Each piece of Clay has its own mind if you like; each piece behaves differently than another piece would behave if you were to use it in a certain way. It's such a relaxing process; you get lost in your creation and don't realize how much time has gone by until you look up and see how much progress has been made!

Stephen Larking

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